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May 14, 2010


Well, First: Happy Birthday, KO! (Sorry, I missed the official day, if I did. I am a bit confused lately.) From the photos, it looks like you got at least one fabulous gift from a super spinning girl. Cookie does good stuff. :D I think.....socks! CCC socks. Orrrrrr, a scarf! I think it will be lovely no matter what you decide.

She's all sweet and stuff, even when she tries to hide it.

Do I know you? ;^)

I think it wants to be something for the kitty.


Happy Belated Birthday! Gorgeous yarn!

Gorgeous! Happy birthday, Otter!

Oh happy birthday! That Cookie's the best! I must admit that colorway is the best. My suggestion for the yarn is Herbivore (maybe because I want to make it too).

Belated Birthday wishes, Otter!

It might want to be a shawlette/scarfy thing. Then again, socks would be beautiful. This is a tougher choice than I thought.

A belated happy birthday to you! I would say that yarn wants to be a shawl with a floral motif of your choice.

Happy belated birthday!

Nice yarn. Darling cat.

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