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April 30, 2010


Glad to see your blog in the land of the living. You Rock!!!!

Welcome back to the blogging world, I missed you! Happy belated b-day!
LOVE the scarf yarn!

Happy birthday, you! Glad to see you.


Happy Belated Birthday, sweetie.

I'm sorry old Lightening died. I still remember the day you ordered him. Even though, it seems a lifetime ago.

You knit?! :p


Happy Birthday a day late! Hope it was filled with fibery goodness and fun. Love the scarf- kind of matchy with Jess' bag.

"If you're a screaming narcissistic attention whore, you need to make huge dramatic scenes at stitches" ... This statement alone makes you awesome!!! :) Happy Birthday! I'm glad to see you update your blog. Yea! See you maƱana.

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