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November 27, 2009


good grief, that mustabeen a lot of points! /heading over for fresh ice cream...

Oh my. homemade ice cream *and* homemade pies. Thanks for post, I think. :D Lovely knittingz.

So glad you are back. How's George?

mmmm the pies look yummy! I'm jealous of the mixer and blue is my favorite color.

WooHoo! Welcome back!

Welcome back! Congrats on the mixer -- our kitchen aid is going on 20+ years -- may yours serve you as long (or longer) and help you churn out lots and lots of yummies!

Want PIE!


You're going to LOVE that Kitchen-aid mixer. It's my favorite kitchen gadget. And I'm totally jealous of the pasta attachment. I've tasted the pasta it makes with the Williams-Sonoma pasta mix and it is fabulous. Think I need to go check my rewards points...
p.s. Love, love, love the entralac scarf pattern and made tons for Christmas presents. Thanks so much for the pattern!!!

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