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March 15, 2009


Great scarf! It looks wonderful on George. Of course, everything looks wonderful on him.

I'm so glad you're feeling better about your lace knitting now. How is the chart reading going?


Really, really lovely scarf!

Don't know which I love more - that scarf, that scarf on George, or the reassurance that I am not the only polygamous knitter. Or maybe a combination of the three?

Purty! I keep repeating sections on madli and I end up two stitches off at the end of the row, and have to count all the way through and tink back. Grr. I'd wait until I have some quiet time, but I think I'd look like George and require being buried with my yarn and beads before that will happen.

It does bring out his eyes! Great job.

Looks even better on Otter! :) Great job! And I love your new lace too. I'm so jealouse you got the gorgeous "lot" of that lace...but I'm so glad you are knitting it up just for me, right?

Hi Hi! I couldn't find a contact email address so this was the only way I could get a hold of you.

I am on a long lost search for a specific pattern. I remember at the top of the pattern it said “Otter Original.” I recieved the pattern from an old knitting pal a long time ago and I do not have access to it anymore. Of course I lost the pattern. I have been on a quest to find it everywhere. I think maybe the "otter" I am looking for could be you?… if not, disregard this message if so, HI!!! I finally found you!

The pattern I am looking for is a sock pattern. I have one sock done and more than halfway done with the other. It is a pattern to help “disect” the sock pattern. It is a great pattern if it is your first time making socks. Do you happen to know what I am talking about? It is step by step, very clear, precise directions…

Oh, how I hope you are the “otter original” I have been looking for!!!!


Marvelous lovely scarf! George is such a runway hog. But he looks great doing it. :D

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