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October 16, 2008



You may want to have the honey look into trapping them and taking them to a shelter/the pound. He may also want to look into animal proofing the backyard.

We hate people for a reason, ya know.


Oh, my! I hope you find your way safely through this.

Wow.I am so glad we have acre and our nearest neighbors are across the street.I hate rental property when the tenants do not take care of it. Hopefully it will cool off enough soon and the spiders will go away.

Oh scary. I like spiders but only the happy ones..not the black widows or fiddlebacks. Heh, maybe I even have bad spiders, how would I know. I can just see that they are spiders but I can't see their little markings. So far so good.

We have black widows on our hills. They've never bothered me, but OTOH there's a strict death penalty clause for spiders that stray into the house.

Your neighbor's sounds like a worse version of ours. Houses do seem to attract the crazy.

Poor TKK! She should be able to roam freely in her own yard. OTOH, poor cat that's forced to forage in Neighbor From Hell's yard for food.

poo is not good to eat

I was reading this saying, "That sounds like our neighbors"! We call HER "ankelBracelet" and HIM "sleezo"....renters of the rich guy next door.

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