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September 24, 2008


Hate her like poison. She did get somewhat of a comeuppance when her husband totally whacked out on her, but not enough to make me tolerate her.


EW. Where the hell did she come from, and why won't she go away? Does she actually pronounce it eee-vooo? Cuz I might have to punch something.
She even shows up in my SPAM.

Glad my post inspired you to let everyone know how you feel about RR :)
This was a fun read!

And to add to her evilness.... on her $40 dollar a day show she accomplished spending only her allotted $40 by tipping about 10%. Servers LIVE on their tips!

That was enough to make me hate her even if I didn't think she was a fembot.

I'm with ya sister! :D Although I've used yummo and sammy for years - before RR. I can't have a conversation with some people without them practically vomiting. /sigh

Happy Thursday Otter... good to see you're still alive and not in jail. O.o

I have been asking/begging for her 15 minutes of fame to be over for quite some time. I thought it was just me.

Heh :) She wasn't so annoying when she first hit TV, but it's like her quirks massively intensified to this point where she is a caricature of herself.

The same thing happened with Giada de Laurentis. She was likeable enough her first season and then suddenly they're like, "We should exploit her tits!" and now that's all you see when she's bending over to chop something.

Who let that woman on television in the first place?! They should be doing time for exposing the American people to that nightmare. Like we haven't suffered enough.


I want to kick her perky, robotic ass. While I teach her how to say olive oil, by the way!

I avoid cooking shows like the plague, so my exposure to RR has been minimal. From what little I've seen of her? She one scary chick.

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