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September 11, 2008


Welcome back. I'm sorry you had to put up with all that cr*p and the weird people. I hope things go MUCH better from now on.


Otter, you most certainly do not suck! At all!! I'm glad to see that you're back, but so sorry that you've been having some rough spots. I especially do not understand anyone who would e-mail trash talk to you! That's ridiculous.

Thank you so very much - I'm honored to have won your contest. Now stop beating yourself up!! This is supposed to be a fun hobby, remember??


Happy to see you back.

There's my Otter! :D

I am so sorry that some rude thoughtless assholes have been bothering you. Some people just don't understand that some folks have lives and that a knitting blog is not #1 on everyone's To Do List.

I feel ya on the stuff stuff. Where does it all come from and who let it in?! I think simple is better for you. Too much stuff and you never get to enjoy what you have because you're too busy fighting the stuff.

& Congrats to the winners!

Glad to see you are still alive.Congrats to the winners!

(has the word suck ever been used so many times in a post? o.0)

Yes, but only in a porn blog.

I forgot you were running a contest. (You need more friends with short term memory problems. They will NEVER hassle you about shit. Unless it's shit that you already did, that they forgot about. So nevermind.)
I hear you on the decluttering. What I'm noticing is that I have some lovely things in my stash, and I don't need to buy the newest bestest thing because I already did that last month and still haven't used it. I used to hear about "knitting from the stash" and thought, how sad, how depressing. Now I think, Hell yeah, I have good stuff in there, it's about time it got some daylight.

I kind of thought this might have been what was keeping you away. I wanted to write a note of encouragement, but did not because I was afraid it would feel like pressure. I hope you continue to enjoy the paring down of stuff from your life. I am sorry for the difficulties you have been facing.

Well wanna borrow this picture of me?




WTF is wrong with people?


Glad to see you back. I was somewhat surprised by how worried I was about what might have happened to someone I had not only never met, but who I had never even heard of until Becky sent me over here.

People + internet + anonymity = sucky people, all to often, unfortunately. Getting mad at a complete stranger because she's not passing out free stuff as fast as they think you should is weird - and sucky.

glad t see you back and all right! life happens, you don't suck. Congrats to the winners!

Glad you back and hopefully things will be better for you in the future. Put the things in the past and hopefully they will stay there.

I could still kick life's ass for you. O.o Even one handed. :D I'm sorry stuff stuff is bothering you... it seems a couple of us are having issues with stuff. Hopefully an upcoming move will help me pare down too. It's good to see you back. :D
Happy Friday and may you have a stuff (and assbeagle) free weekend.

Glad to see you back. I can't believe people actually sent you nasty notes. Some people just suck, but you are not one of them. The winners got some great prizes!

What is wrong with people? You create a fun little contest and people poo all over it. Shame on them.

Keep your chin up!

Life happens! Glad to see that you are still alive even if things did suck for a while.


Oh Otter! Want me to go bitch slap those nasty folks for you? Course I'd probably tump over right after it but I'd die doing something I love! LOL I had totally forgotten about the contest so it was a real surprise to hear I'd won second. And a great second it was! And life is kind of scary around here so it was the perfect time for a surprise. I hear you on the clearing out of 'stuff'. There is too much of it around here. But my yarn??? Ummm I'm thinking it's sort of like a 401K because once I retire I'll probably never be able to buy yarn again. :-)

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