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September 25, 2008


I *love* "Tell everyone to eat shit and die Friday"! I vote for that!

Oh... and I love that idea of the invisible paint, and not seeing or hearing or having to talk to anyone. At least for a couple of days.


Mmmmmm pie.......

You hate people and want to be left alone. Welcome to my world.

Did your pie have any babies? Cause pie sounds good.


In the immortal words of the Who:

"Put in your earplugs/put on your eyeshades/ you know where to put the cork!"

If only you'd started playing pinball you could have been a cult leader!

I think that your subconcious wants to stay home and listen to Tommy!

Mmmmmm... Pie!!! If you still have a bazillion apples, I have an apple butter recipe (I dont think there's even any sugar in it... you just cook the hell out of the tastytasty apples...)

I got home from the laundry and grocery before 9 yesterday morning (I know, boring). And from then until late this afternoon the only words I spoke were to the cats or dog and the only ones who spoke to me said meow or arf. It's been lovely. I can only be nice for so long.

Oh what a nifty dream. I get into moods where I feel I must isolate to regain my sanity. It sounds like those tools are just the ticket to gaining that goal!

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