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July 13, 2008


as i am having trouble with a tooth (on account of my dentist!) this little guy looks like a waving molar to me. I am SO effin glad he's been eaten....

Mutant Carrot Pants!


Very pretty bag. I always like the fabrics she uses.

He looks like he's waving!

Hmmmm, this is one of those questionaires that I guess you have to just pick the first answer that pops into your head!?

1) How long have you been knitting?
First time around age nine. My sister taught me. Second time, as a frosh in college when all of us decided we could knit fab sweaters like "the seniors". Ended up giving my UFO to my sister.
Third time, when my family started arriving, blankets, sweaters. I still have my son's baby sweater from 1967. I can make it stand up straight, that acrylic was so stiff. Fourth time, about seven years ago when my grandchildren started arriving.

2)How long knitting socks
Tried once, failed, don't do it.

3)What do you do with a problem like Maria?
I loved that song. When I was about 14 years old, I used to picture myself walking up the aisle on my wedding day to that song!

4)Favorite sock yarn
See question 2

5) Again see question 2

6) Favorite color
My personal pallette is green, blue, brown, coral....oh I don't really have a favorite color.

Patch, a Aussie cross mutt dog. A great dog I found three years ago at Reno's humane society.

8) Babies
I "oven roasted" five babies and they all turned out quite "rare" indeed!

9)Favorite to knit
Children's things....hats, sweaters, ponchos

10)Favorite scent
Right now I'm loving Avalon hand soaps--lavender, rosemary, peppermint. When I was young it was always Estee Lauder Youth Dew. Wonder if they still make that.

11) Favorite music
I don't even know what the "hot songs of today" are. I like 70's, 80's. I love classical--Vivaldi,Chopin, Bach. Also folk, roots and Irish. I also have to listen to a lot of children's songs in my grandmother career!

12) See question 2

13) Favorite treat..
Will eat anything--but I guess the favorite is Dulce La Leche ice cream.

14)What smell stuck out most today.
Well, we were downtown, saw Kit Kittredge with the dgc and dd's, then strolled along the Truckee aftwards. My daughter said the odor was stale smoke and I said it was something sewery.

Plastic. They don't make them anymore.

16)Oh no, see no 2 again

17) what knitting would I want with me on a deserted island.
Lace and a terribly difficult lace scarf pattern so I could swear and not be heard.
I would like to leave. Yes, I like home.


oh what a pretty bag! Hope you're feeling better now dear Otter.

Evil Mutant Carrot!!!!

My mom used to grow potatoes in rockyrocky soil, so they were always funky shapes, one was shaped like a bubbly airplane.

I *love* your carrot! What are you going to do with him? Eat him raw? Slice and dice? :D

I hate blog asshats. Just sayin' (yes, I know it was a different post, but I'm lazy today)

I just downloaded your extremely detailed entrelac tutorial. I purchased a pattern from the new Webs catalogue of a gorgeous shawl made of entrelac squares. However, their instructions aren't very clear. I turned to some of my knitting books, and managed to do the first row of triangles fine, and sort of have the second row ok, but then the instructions lost me and it wasn't clear from them where I needed to go next.
I am an experienced knitter, but have never done anything with the entrelac stitch. I appreciate the clear pictures on your tutorial. I am sure that I now will be able to learn this technique and then move on to making the shawl. Thank you for putting this tutorial on your site.
When I finish my shawl I will feature it on my blog, TintiTypes, and I plan on directing people to your site for instructions on the entrelac technique -- a way of thanking you for the favor.


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