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July 29, 2008


*muwahahahahha* I'm thinking I'd make one and give it horns. Maybe a black one and a red one. (maybe I'll actually have to try and get good at colorwork) :D
YEAH! I can kick someone's ass? I like. Better see if Cookie has the wood chipper ready.

I love the hat! It looks so comfortable and warm.

Is George seeing anyone?

Love the hat!

Still hate people, though.

You've seen my head. You know it's too big for a hat. *L*


I think it sends a message. ... What the message is, I haven't a clue but it is really cute!

I have a 'thing' for rubber duckies (eeek originally that said rubber dickies) so I love, love, love that hat. And isn't it rather comforting to know that something so old school as a yellow duck can suddenly turn into a messenger of doom for whomever irritates you???

Oh, I totally love George's octopi swimming trunks. SO appropriate for the summer zombi season. And, yeah, the yellow duckie hat for wading in the shallow end of the pool.

OMG. If you make Cookie a Hello Kitty hat and put fun fur on it, I will send you money. Or yarn. (But evil kitty on the inside? Really needs fangs.)

The hat is terrific! And George needs to eat a little more.

"I know skinny people, I just don't trust them...."

i love the duck hat! it fits my style of personality!

I second what Carrie said. I'll send money too. muwahhahaha. And Susan's rubber dickies? Well those can be fun too


I'm so proud of you, and your kick-ass ducky hat! It looks great, and I love the addition of George's funky octopus legs.

I adore George! And the hat! I also want to say that if I could wear a hat and not die of heat stroke, it would totally be a HK hat. So there.

That is one great hat! I love the HK suggestions...especially the fang addition.

I still vote for evil ducky to have the devil horns and/or tail you were considering. I see George finally got some legs... sexy! If work isn't too insane, I'll see you Monday.

Interesting model that you have recruited. I like the hat. I am in the hat knitting mode for a friend who has lost her hair thanks to the wonders of chemotherapy. It's not a good therapy, I might add. She will probably end up looking like you model.

Did you ever pick who won your contest??

I thought I smelled something burning. It was just George and his rotting carcass...

I absolutely love this blog!!! I have recently became a twilight fan and this has helped me a lot. keep up your work, You’re awesome!

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