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July 07, 2008


I got my fruit, I got my pectin.. and then found out you can't use anything other than sugar with this type and am very sad. /sigh On the upside, I have 6 lbs of verrrrry good sweet cherries to eat

If it doesn't set, you can use it over ice cream if you don't want to do cake.

I am so proud of you for making the freezer and for going to the new Whole Foods.


Yum--those biscuits look delish! Thanks for the tip about the pectin. I'll have to scope out my Whole Foods and see about that!

We love our Whole Foods. Best price on milk in the area. And their 365 brand stuff rocks!

That jam looks so yummy! Too bad I don't cook. Even had trouble making tuna salad today. Couldn't remember where we keep the tuna. ;-)

Oh my. Look at the delicious biscuits and jam(s)! Yummy. Very.

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