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December 26, 2007


There you are!

I'm so glad she liked her mousey. I dyed the yarn for that one.

Been a crazy couple of months, hasn't it? I hope you'll be able to find the time to check here more often. We miss you. ♥

Interesting how time gets away from us. Glad to know that everything is basically o.k. Love the picture of kitty and her mousie!

Happy Whatever!

We just bought our second computer in the past 2 weeks so I feel for you!

Happy Happy Whateverthehellyoucelebrate!!

Hey, it looks like George is HOARDING the presents. What's up with that.

Love George --- he makes me laugh everytime he's in the blog.

As for the Xtians ... yikes...isn't it amazing how folks that are supposed to "love their neighbor" can be so dam* unloveable themselves. It's what caused me to leave the church and just be a regular old human being. :-/

But have you ever had someone say "I'm so sorry" when you said you didn't have any children (very very very much by choice)?

Yeah, I hearz ya....

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