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November 07, 2007


Monkey Muffins and George ALWAYS make up for the down times.

You are a wonderful friend... whether you like it or not.

George is just lovely.

Oh and...


I want muffins! Gimme muffins! :-P

Nice hat. Does it keep the zombie's ears warm?

Okay George as your guest is the best thing EVER.

awww ... the yarn crawl. I think it will be the closest thing to binge drinking I'll ever participate in ... it's almost legendary. How's the scarf? (I am assuming you finished.) The monkey muffins sound yummy maybe you could bring some to class ... hint hint. Speaking of blog updates I am completely horrified at the date of my last post. I am off to hide and get my hair cut ... woohoo! Love ya tons!
Monkey Socks

Yea, too many ingredients for me. You managed to scare me off of Monkey Muffins ... but another female reader in this house might just make them for her culinary challenged mother. Hint hint oh child reading over my shoulder.

As for being quiet within oneself -- quiet is good. Something I am trying to teach the other child. *g*

Those cupcakes look yummy. You can't beat sticky fingers and yarn at a knitting meet-up (hint). I'll have to try them when I'm feeling ambitious.

I came on over to your blog for the Entrelac Tutorial & was like, "EEK!! What the crap is THAT." George is creepy...but I did giggle at his outing.

speaking of hats i still have some for you that never got mailed off to you - due to lack of postage funding at the time.

if you would be so kind as to send off your address to me i will mail them to you soon as i now have funding:)

Heya Otter, I love George and the outing is great :) It's always nice to see a new way to model FOs :D

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