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October 03, 2007


Wow, you're on a posting frenzy!!!
And nice scarf, too. I like the color changes in it. And, of course, TKK is adorable as ever.She only wants to lick the camera because you were holding it. **kisses**
But George? I thought that was two photos of him before you said it was Guy. Who knew???
Socks? Got pics?

Love the cat!

Love the scarf!

Love that George!


Are you doing the happy dance in your new socks? It doesn't count if you're not! *g*

Nice scarf -- George looks quite fetching in it.

You're SO RIGHT about George and Guy!

I love your scarf, and love the idea of the crazy no-pattern. Awesome!

When I saw your post I was like, "OMG she took pictures of my cat?"

Have we discussed the cat similarity before? It seems like we have already had this conversation, but my mind is a bit mushy today.

Big long Flickr link

You can be lucky!!!


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