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August 15, 2007


She's alive! :D

There's a certain kind of person who only feels good about themself when they are putting others down or making others feel out of the loop. These are the same people who wander thru life looking for attention and who think that the entire universe revolves around them. No, not just my mother. :p

I think they are very sad lonely people, who are willing to do anything for a little notice. Sadly, like your average toddler, they will take any kind of attention... good or bad.

Thankfully, there is Caller ID and filters in e-mail.

I know how painfully hard it is to let it go, but try, my darling Otter, because every little upset they cause is another win for them.

I.CAN.NOT.BELIEVE.THAT.WOMAN! Who in the right friggin' mind would ask that kind of question about your cat? Just the ASKING is inferring something else entirely, too. Like, yes, and I left her there because I'm a moron, unlike you're all-knowing and wise self. WTF???? I WANT NAMES!!! Who is this IDIOT? Let's post a photo, and get out the darts and have a championship dart throwing contest. Whomever gets her in the eye wins a skein of Cabin Cove yarn!
Argh! I'm pissed. I need to go in the other room for a time out.
Glad to hear you're alive and feeling better. Missed you.

I seriously want to smack the shit out of that woman. Seriously!

Glad you are alive and doing better.

OK. Still waiting on a name here....

That woman..must be injured...what the heck? Who would say such a thing?

You're back - cool. Sorry to hear you've been feeling down and out. Sounds like little miss social skills didn't help the situation. I doubt she'll be receiving an invite back to Chez Otter. What a wonderful shower you created for your friend. It sounds to me like she means a lot to you. Ohhhh - that's where the word Muggles comes from. (I've never read HP) I've never used the word and after your description of what it means - I don't think I will.

So may I assume she will never grace your home again *grin*. Sorry about the bad and the ugly, glad to hear about the good. As always, your honey is a keeper. Hug him, hold him and keep him close -- those kinds of guys are few and far between. Hugs!!!

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