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August 01, 2007


Do I know you? ;^)

Yeah, that Cookie is full of something, alright...

I'm so glad that you've been out having a good time and I hope your computer is okay now.

Ya know, Norma and I are the only people who haven't been sucked into the cult. Just sayin'...

Um, no, Cookie, I haven't been sucked into the Cult of Harry, either. (I'm wearing my tin foil hat to ward of the evil impulses.)
Glad to hear you've been having a nice summer. And you're FINALLY unpacked. it's a great feeling, eh?
You know, I really think you need to get a spinning wheel and join the rest of "us". I mean, if you can have fun with Harry, you can have fun spinning. And the yarn can be knitted or used as decorative accessories.

Welcome back online! Yes, Harry is addicting. We had to get two copies of the last one so that three of us could get through it without fighting (I read one copy when Squidette was done).

Glad to see you have had good times while you were MIA. Having a honey to love is a very special thing. You are one lucky otter!

Squidlly Huggles!

I think you and I were close to tied on being off line. Nice to see you back! Ahhhh Tahoe. It's been decades since I've been there. Thanks for the luscious pictures. Congratulations on the 2 year house anniversary, and chiming in that I've never even cracked the spine or watched a Harry P book/movie. Enjoy your trip through that world!!

the way you have decorated with yarn is so lovely and inspiring (evil grin...i want to decorate with yarn too!) i had so much fun at your house for dinner with the honies and then again working on one part of secret project....shhhhh...

and hey! telling me to update my blog at least i only went 9 days LOL

wwaahhhaaaa you are now part of the cult and we will never let you go! hehehe

Welcome back. We stick to Donner Lake, but I remember the great warm afternoons spent at Sand Harbor.
Harry Potter readers are scared to death to "find out the ending"--to make contact with a "spoiler".
There's a gal at work who has yet to read Deathly Hallows and everytime she hears me saying--I'm a third (half, almost finished) with the book, she shrieks "No No No" and runs away from me!!!!
Barbara C.

Maybe it's the season? Time seems to be filled with other things? Not sure..I know that I am way behind on blog reading and posting...

You are always missed you know even if you are only gone for a few days.


Howdy Ms. Otter!

I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying relaxing, reading, lovin' your honey and growing beautiful treats in your garden. Keep up the goodness!


Ok, it's 8 days later than the 21 days later...hello? Where you at now?

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