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July 04, 2007


Gorgeous...looks like a great day to start your day! Beautiful pictures.

Wild Horses and pretty birdies ... what a nice way to start the day. As for the cat cooties ... ah, germs are germs give him a big smooch! (This comes from the mother who would give the bottle a quick wipe on my pants before giving it back after it hit the playground floor.)

that is hilarious what TKK did. I absolutely hate it when my cats do that. And it definitely grosses me out when I see people kissing their dogs in public. Yucky yuck.

I'm with Devorah! Germs make us stronger healthier peoples.

Just don't share them with me. :p

I'm glad you two got out and had a little adventure this morning before it got crazy hot.


What awesome pics, I'd give anything to see some wild horses in RL.

GREAT photos, and the hike sounds like fun.
Kitty lickins'? Not so much. I KNOW where that tongue has been. Ewwwww.

You know I love hikes..and scenic vistas...wild horses and eagles??? We don't have those in the cornfields.

Thanks for sharing the photos!


I recently handed my husband a glass of water that the puppy had been drinking out of. Is that wrong? [grin]

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