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July 11, 2007


You didn't tell me you GREW PEAS! That is so cool! Garden peas in July, I am so jealous I may have to come up there and eat your peas. I hope your tomatoes hurry up and flower.

I love it when the kitties do the otter paw thingy. I was editing a photo of mine this morning in the same pose but with her tongue sticking out. *L*

Be careful, sweetie. You're turning into me as you get older. o.0 Some people only feel good about themselves if they can be causing upset and/or hurting others. Think of empty and sad their lives must be. Then set them on fire. ♥

Peas? Yummy! I gave up on peas a few years ago -- I'd get half a dozen pods and then they'd all die. :-(

That also seems to be the state of my pumpkin patch.:-( My cucumbers, however, have taken over even though I only have one cucumber developing so far.

Tomatoes, however ... Little Squid's plant has a gazillion and Squidette's has 2. (Her's are full size, his are cherry size.)

Enjoy your veggies!

Fresh peas! Yum! Your plants look pretty.

TKK is adorable...

...and as for that dumbass, she is a dried up old hag.

...and for the smoke, i am through with that too

Peas, yum. One of the nicest things out of the garden!

Kitty's coloring is super cool. What a sweetie in your photo.

Yay on the peas...we planted them this year and they did crap...total crap. We got some, but there were only like 2 peas in each pod. Very disappointing. The tomatoes and cucumbers and zucchini are taking off very nicely, though.

You know your kitty best, ignore the rude comments, and keep on loving her.

Who, a rant there at the end, huh? I totally understand though and can't imagine some of the shit people come up with. I was loving CAP's post until I saw the word "died" and my jaw dropped open. Then the eyes welled up... so sad.

Your peas look soooo yummy! I want to grown them next year!!

Hey, what's that white stuff around the plants? And yeah, that definitely qualifies as a WTF Wednesday post!!

Your peas are beautiful. Mine have mostly shriveled up and dried like crisp bacon!
Barbara C.

LOVE the chive plants. I won't buy them in the stores because of the sanitary issues, but FRESH is a whole 'nother matter. (I could go for some diced in eggs right now.)

Hope all is well in Otter Land and the smoke clears up soon from all the fires. Loved your pictures of the horses - black and white socks on the same horse...too cool. Tribbles - cracks me up. The Claudia socks are looking fantastic - did you find enough yarn?

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