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June 27, 2007


Ohmigawd! you mentioned me!!!

I do have a little bit left over if you would like it! it's a 2 - 2 1/2 inch squishy ball.

I so know what you mean about stupid shit getting to you. This happened a few weeks ago to me, and I decided to just let it go. Karma will take care of the rest :-)

3 Dog Knits is 70 miles from me. Not too far! Although, the road I would take is burning right now :0

I haven' been there before. Have you been?

We let the little things slide until it grows into a huge thing that makes you crazy and one day you snap and take out the town.


How big are that man's feet? o.0

Love the colors, btw.

More hyper than normal? Dude!

Oh girl are you sure we aren't living the same life? I too just had some drama that I shouldn't have to deal with... but one thing I can't knit socks so in that way we are different! By the way I found my little pouch BEHIND my bed... WTF? Who knows!!!!

At least you don't have a cranky landlord...

Printing out the sock pattern as I type this..I like that pattern!

One day..when I am all grown up..I aspire to have sexy sock blockers like KO and Cookie!

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