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June 03, 2007


Welcome to the burbs!

Birds harass cats all the time, honey. Is that a scrub jay? They are usually some kind of trouble.

I love that cat! Did I tell you that Jenn wants to shave one of hers? She may need a little advice on how to. ;^)

The grass looks great!

Happy swatching/sweatering!

Ha ha ha Her meowing into the wind is TOO cute.
It's interesting, too, that her skin is the coloring of her fur.

That looks like a nasty ass starling - is it black (males) or gray with YELLOW eyes. I mean evil yellow. I have those crazy things here and they swoop at my shep.

What a beautiful sunset. Thanks for sharing!

Your kitty is so cute! Good luck with the sweater, I can't wait to see your progress on it.

The picture with TKK meowing into the wind looks to me like she's skydiving and loving it!! Too funny. Nasty old bird. I just picked up some Mission Falls Wool, your cotton looks wonderful. Have fun now that you have that pesky gauge thing solved.

If the bird is grey with white wing patches when it flies and a long tail, it's a mocking bird. They are notorious for bombing cats. They harrassed one cat and it flipped over and grabbed the bird on its next run.

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