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June 19, 2007


Cookie and I have been missing you. We were worried. And to find out your listening to Wm. Shatner proves that things are NOT alright with the universe.
You sure do get around, flying here and there. When you fly to Boston, I'll show you some REAL knitter fun. *cough*sure*cough*

Shatner's a chick. :p

I'm glad you're making time for some fun, honey. All that travel and business without some fiber and nice knitters to hang with is just unfair.

Dave's been worrying. Me, too, but that's normal.

You're so cute. I think it's wonderful that you didn't bother that guy. I'm sure he loved you for the double take and smile/nod.

Come home soon. I need someone to rant to who won't freak out at how mean/honest I am. *L*


I am so glad to hear that you are having some fun mixed in with the work. I am going to chime in with with Cookie and Dave and see that I am missing you as well. Don't worry about "cheating" with other yarn shops and groups I would do the same thing and then come home and share it with all of you. :-D You met MeanGirl? Cool I read her blog and she is on Ravelry and comes across very cool. :-) Can'[t wait to see your new additions to your stash!

Shatner and knitting?

I can get behind that!

(okay, I haven't actually listened to that album -- just the bit with dear sweet henry rollins...)

I hope you'll be back for knitting this Thursday -- stay sane in your travels.

Missing you sweetie. Thanks for checking in. Traveling for business all the time must suck. Sorry for you!

I'm glad you got out and made new friends!

Squidly Huggles!!!

I didn't know women cheated on their knitting groups! Sodom and Gomorrah!!

Erm. Shatner singing. Okay. I guess. Sort of. (giggles)

Good luck with the travels! You sound like you are in a good frame of mind despite getting up at o'early in the AM.

Well, good for you, to go out and find some fun group. I don't think I'd be that brave.
Too bad your friend isn't in town.
Thanks for the Reno picture. It is lovely isn't it? Reno--the best little secret in the USA!
Barbara C.

The picture is captivating, a really nice shot.

Enjoy your travels :)

AnnLand that makes me giggle. Yes I was off cavorting on the beaches of Hawaii--it's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it. Sock knitting in the shadow of Diamond Head I really had to do that..no yarn shopping there. Probably a good thing since the sock that I took to work on was made from yarn purchased in April 2006...

I felt a little sullied and dirty--it wasn't Dave yarn...but I know he will forgive me for cheating on him.



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