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June 26, 2007


Maybe the hair belongs to the bug.


/runs like hell

Too much travel. And for the wrong reason, too. It's one thing if it were for FUN. Busoness travel sucks.
And that bug is NASTY!

Me..I was a G rated blog..I need to use the "F" word much more..FECK FECK FECK..oh wait..this is your blog that won't work.

Hawaiian bathrooms had LOTS OF BUGS!

I survived...what's a girl to do in paradise?

OMG. I would not have been able to sleep in that room after seeing that bug! HOLY CRAP!

Ick! The hair would creep me out more than the bug -- can't explain why but that's how I am.


That bug would have totally freaked me out. I'm fine with the centipedes, scorpions & huge spiders we have at our house...but that thing. Jeez.

Man, that is one big bug!

I haven't watched a horror movie since I was 12....the last one I saw traumatized me for life, hehehe. Actually, I did see the Ring and heck I was terrified of the TV for a few weeks...I am a big chicken

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