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June 25, 2007


Welcome back! I can't wait until the magic man starts dyeing again! :) I hate you and Cookie for showing all of these nice patterns. My list is getting too long.

Those are some great patterns!!! TFS!

Great post, and lots going on. I'll have to look for Otter Ale and let you know how it is.
And that sock made from the CCM yarn looks pretty damned good, they compliment each other so well.
And, yes, I can attest to the fact that non-plain socks will not make a man's weiner fall off. I wear beight and/or hand knit socks all the time. I can't attest to OTHER side effects, though. ;)

Welcome back! You have been a very busy otter and those are lovely socks! Hope your honey and your kitty are happy to have you back.

My dear...the only way socks can survive in the cornfields and not lose their mind is by drinking! I have the drunkenest socks in the knitting blogospher.

I like that pattern a lot...printed it out to pretend I may actually make them.

Sorry I missed you..next trip for sure!

Hello knittyotter, love your garden. Ok how has the green thumb? I want to sample your pease

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