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June 29, 2007


Yeah, just blame me. I'm the bad one. I'm the nag. Yeah, fine, whatever. :p

Still love the cat. Lovin' that yarn, too. :D

What dumbass said that? Oh, wait... I can guess...

I'm assuming that Dulaan is a go for next year. I can't imagine we've warmed everyone over there, yet. Ya know, I'm glad that they reworked the Red Scarf Project. I think it'll be better this time around.

I think knitting for charity is a pure thing. Doing something you enjoy to help others is selfless and enjoyable. I see it as a win-win.

Hey! And kindly pack a hat for this rolling hostage thingy you're doing this weekend. Thankies.

Is that a self watering container for your pumpkin patch? (Never mind, I reread the paragraph.) I have a pumpkin patch too! Any bets on whether either of us gets pumpkins?

Squidly Hugs!

what is is about wool/silk and cats? My cat won't leave his nose out of one of my skeins! Good luck with your gardens.

Hugs to you for your charity knitting. It's just something that I think calls to me..that need to give back.


That's why I hang out with you..you're one of the cool people.

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