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May 21, 2007


Oh, honey, I'm sorry. Can you e-mail Support and yell at them?

Down here, Patons is cheaper and a larger skein than the Lion Wool. Frankly, I'd rather dye my own worsted weight at this point.

Those sockies are so cute! Well done you.

Love that sweater!

I'm with you on the Lion Brand yardage suckitude. The colors are nice, but 2.5 oz. for five bucks? I barely got a kid's pair of socks from one skein. Ever since Paton's Classic came out with their varigated colorways, I haven't looked back.

Sucks - I'll bet an oatmeal cookie (the drink) would make you feel better. The socks look great (even if you didn't like the yarn) and the sweater is terrific.

Just in case the bad mojo hits the comments too:

Too bad it's not a vest or you'd have 9 items :)


Awww, MacArthur Park. Donna Summer, where are you now?
Oh, sorry...
Yes, losing cool posts sucks. Did you ever notice it doesn't eat the crappy ones? NEVER????
And, did Cookie say she'd rather dye her own? OUR Cookie said that? WTF?
Your weater is really showing progress.

I just had that happen on an email. Phooey! The sweater is looking great, sweetie. Hang in there!

***Squidly Hugs***

Both projects look awesome. What pattern are you using for the sweater?

Wow...you make me want to pick up the needles and knit a pair of those socks..I have mittens to finish first..then the socks...I do need some on the plane knitting for my trip to dallas next week...those might do the trick

I know I should leave some sort of encouraging comment about your sweater but I am still feeling a little bitter about you being so far ahead of me in the class. I still maintain it's because you are making a sweater for a munchkin and I am well ... not a munchkin. Seriously, congrats on the sweater! I am thinking over this long weekend we consume copious amounts of coffee and I'll try to get somewhere on my sweater. I hope you are having a good week and I'll see you soon. I am hoping to consume copious amounts of alcohol too ... since that goes along with some of your resolutions I doubt you will have a problem joining me in my endeavors. Is it Friday yet?!?!?! I am ready for work to be over ... speaking of which, I have to get back to work.
Monkey Socks

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