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May 18, 2007


Is this sky penis the opposite of a Wee Willy?

Yes I'm running away now! giggle

Oh, can I have a strawberry - they look yummy!

Heck..how am I going to top that photo show and tell?


Thanks a lot, sweetie! How do you guys keep grass growing in the desert?

Ok, you really are 13!
And there is NOTHING wrong with that. I like a little but butt, too. I could give yo ua run for the money on the double entendres.
Fresh strawberries = delicious
Awoken kitty = tickle toes

The lawn looks great! Love that kitty-cat. You were at Starbucks all week. That makes sense oddly enough.

We wake our kitties too (well, one of them) -- not so that she'll sleep all night, but to get revenge. We poke her and say (really loudly) "PURRPURRRPURRPURRR! WHACHA DOIN??? ARE YOU AWAKE, HEY YOU ARE YOU AWAKE YET????" Sometimes, I think about drooling on her (Hey, she does it to me!) but I haven't yet...

I sooo loved your seven. I'm glad you played along ;-) as you never know who will get angry at these things.


I'm behind in my bloglines, and am catching up, and while I usually don't comment on old posts- your kitty's chin is WAY too adorable to not comment on! That orange-y chin had me squeeing!

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