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May 07, 2007


That soups looks SO delicious. Mushrooms, garlic (2 cloves is NOT enough), brocolini...mmmmm. I can't think of a name, but Yummers comes to mind.

Fabulous Otter Soup

But we know about me. I hope your week gets better and you feel better soon, sweetie. ♥

Oh my god that looks delicious!

how about ...Surprise Kick Chicken Aspargus Soup?

hmm too long....

Chicken Surprise Soup?

Spicy Surprise Chicken Soup?

hmm those are fun....this is a fun yummy soup and needs a fun yummy name!...

Super Sinus Clearing Soup?

Hope you're feeling better soon, sweetie!


Kickin' Chicken Soup? :)

(criminy that's good soup - i know bad pun on the mushrooms.)

It does look tasty if a bit spicy for my tastes. :)

Hope you are feeling better!

Wow, with all the lemon and lime and cilantro and all, I'd call it Margarita Chicken Soup. Have it with the Margaritas, or afterward as a hangover pick-me-up! :) Looks delicious!

Kick ass Lemony chicken soup. Mmm man it looks awesome. Wanna share ;-)


Magical Cure-all soup?

I hope that you're feeling better today! Drink more tea.

(that's my magic sickness cure-all)... (that or a hot toddy: boil some water, add a shot of whisky or brandy, a bunch of honey, and the juice of one lemon -- drink it fast and go to bed before you fall over)


Otter your soup looks divine. A name? - no I have no imagination these days.

I've been gone from blog land long enough to miss your birthday. Happy belated one to you.

I hope you Dear Tonsil letter works for you.

Thanks Sooooo much for your entrelac tutorial. You taught me! Woo Hoo.

Get better, eh? If the antibiotics don't work, a bottle of brandy couldn't hurt. *wink*

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