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April 22, 2007


... sometimes you just gotta hold the little bad boys in your hands.

I've been sayin' that for years.



Hey there :) I have a canon digital rebel - which i *LOVE.* The big thing to realize when buying a DSLR is that once you start buying lenses, that's it - you are committed to that brand other wise you end up replacing lenses with the same thing but a different mount. :) Canon and Nikon are both good - but personally i think Canon is more bang for the buck. The rebel xt is really nice (but if you have big hands, not a good choice.)

as for point and shoot - i'm a canon baby always :) I have the SD800 Digital Elph. It's absolutely FANTASTIC!! :) I love it. Again it all falls to comfort and preferences. :) GOOd luck with the camera!!

I have a Nikon D70 that I wouldn't trade for just about anything... except the next model up, of course. My favorite thing about this camera is how quickly it will focus and take a shot in 'auto' mode. It can grab that quick shot before the kid/cat/hummingbird is out of the frame. I think it does pretty well about not having "off" pixels in the solid area parts, as well. Gorgeous detail, and a battery charge lasts a long time.

My newest compact point and shoot is a Canon PowerShot SD800 IS Digital Elph. This is a nice one to stick into your pocket, and the movies it takes aren't too bad, either. But, it suffers from that pause before a picture is taken. I haven't seen a compact one that doesn't, though.

If you have specific questions about either camera, don't hesitate to ask!

::: insert English accent :::

Happy Birthday Old Girl!


Happy Otter Birthday! I hope it's the best one ever.

Happy Birthday! I hope you have some yarn p0rn from me when you get back!

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