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March 11, 2007


I can GUESS at how many sleins of (sock) yarn you have. We'll just say that you should open a store. Really. Reno could use one with YOUR touch.
A 20 year old calendar. Oh, honey, you have NO idea. But glad you are feeling settled in. And that Kitty is doing better.

Boy, do I now feel old.

Norma, she does that to me, too. You'll adjust. *L*

Yay! I'm so glad you're making him socks. I know how much sock yarn there is and I kind of thought there was more than that. /runs

Isn't it nice when your honey lets you get creative (or at least colorful) with his sock! Do you have a box that you have just never unpacked? We finally got rid of the last one about a year ago.


Wow you've been busy while I've been MIB. Love the pink socks and your Honey Socks are definitely handsome. What guy wouldn't love them?!

How wonderful that you were able to get together with Anne. Isn't it wonderful when we meet someone and it gels? Ummmm martinis. Yummmm.

Sending continued good health wishes for your little charmer.

My way of calming myself is repeating "Tiny little raindrops, tiny little raindrops. Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean" Of course I'm always ready for someone to pee in that ocean. LOL

Hope your having lots of reasons for Happy Otter Dancing!!

You have enough for 75 pair?

Ahhh... 86... neon everything... those candy button belts... aqua net,Motley Crue, Bon Jovi and female mullets. Ahhhhh those were the days!

Did you know that National Hugging Day was first observed in 1986?

Hello Knitty, love the work you did. So now the socks are honeys' Well he'll love them. How was shopping yesterday? or did you go?
See you;
Shut up and knit

Well I knew someone was going to steal the fun socks ... I just thought it was going to be me.
:-) I hope you are having a good week so far, mine is crazy. I sent you an email. Talk to you soon.

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