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March 08, 2007


Wow, what a time you had on your travels.
Bah on the stupid techs. That's just poor shit no matter what. I'm glad to hear you take such good care of your kitty. TKK will be ok, and I hope you are, too.

Glad you're home and everything is returning to normal - whatever that is, right? And around here we call extra dirty martinis filthy. ;-)

Sounds like your socks had a good time! I swear... Dave puts something in that dye pot... makes people AND knits act all crazy.

((((kitty hugs)))) :( Mean vets.

Are those socks old enough to be drinkin'?

I'm so glad that you and kitty are home all safe and shit. The techs should not have done that. They are medical professionals and should act accordingly. I hope she's feeling better today.

Love that Ann. :D

yeah having a good vet is important. i had to find a new vet after the debacle with my late kitty.
i miss her.
i love all my animals and love to snuggle with them. although not while knitting which my kitty doesnt seem to understand:)
hugs -

So sorry about the kitty. :-( I hope she feels better soon from the tooth extraction. Sounds like you are getting a good taste of parenthood. Lots of worry and lots of snuggles.

Hang in there!


Oh Otter, that's just inexcuseable! I think that vet needs to take a close look at his/her employees! I'm really lucky to have a good one. Only problem is that he's developed a really bad allergy to kitties. Geez, he looks like he's cleaning up a toxic spill with all the stuff he has to put on before caring for one. But he's still ever so gentle and loving to my babies when they need him. Kitty huggles from my kitties to yours...oh wait. That might make TKK angry. Just say we said hi. *G*

I feel so betrayed for you - because you put your kitty into a place that is supposed to provide the substitute love and care while you're gone, and they have completely betrayed your trust! I'm so angry I could spit and it just breaks my heart to think about what other animals are suffering at the hands of their stupidity! If you lived closer to me, I would love to take care of TKK.

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