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March 29, 2007


Holy crap! You need a best friend that drinks. *L*

What color mascara do you wear? ;^)

Dirty Vodke Martini's. YUMMY!

Damnit, woman!!! WHICH CAMERAS????? That is just so damned NOT FAIR!
My only resolution is to NOT make any. If I haven't done any during the year, one night isn't going to change anything.

I kept all of the ones I made...


I didn't make any

But I might steal your last one :)

Just have to say we were in Monterey a few years ago and the best thing about the whole trip was watching the otters out in the bay.

So, bright red lipstick or are you dabbling in pinks? Personally, I only managed lipstick once this week and didn't bother with mascara -- figured I didn't need any more attention on my face. *wry grin*

The real question is ... are you now a Patron fan?

Shoot...I decide that I have 5 minutes before work to read your blog and find all sorts of interesting stuff to make comments on...I'll ponder and get back to you tonight.



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