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March 04, 2007


They came out beautiful!


I need to get some needles and make those socks.

Great socks, and the detail on the ankles is so pretty.
Oh, welcome home.

Ohhhhhhh...I got to see those socks in person! My socks even had a drink with them. Those are great, and that pattern is on my list of patterns to try.

Glad to see you arrived home safely!


Very pretty! I'm thinking that at some time I may actually have a finished sock on a Sunday. then again..maybe not. Welcome home!

Those are super pretty!

Pretty, pretty, pretty socks!

I will feel forever honored that you worked on these beautiful socks in my car on our field trip!! :-)

Thanks for the pattern link.

Look forward to seeing you tonight.

~ Monkey Socks

Love the socks and the yarn. They worked so well together!

Welcome home.

pssst... don't forget the recipe >:)


Very Cool Socks. When you said they were holey, I envisioned them to be like fishnets. But they're not! Very cute and not too many holes. The color is fantastic.

I'm just amazed how you can zip out those socks. Your work really is beautiful.

How's your week? Hope you are well. :-)

What a delight these are. Love the pattern and the colour.

Very pretty! I like!

So what's new in the world of the Knitty Otter?

Monkey Socks

I am trying to dye some alpaca yarn for my grandpa's hat and I'm still not sure it's red enough. :-(
If the Kool-Aid didn't work (I used food coloring the first time.)I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions? Love ya!

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