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March 13, 2007


As long as there's more good than bad, it's a good day.

Last week was PMS. This week, it's hot. Who knows what next week will bring.


HEY thanks for the encouragement and the compliments! :-D LOVE THAT CAKE BTW!

When I saw the first pic of the cake, I thought, "Wow that's some weird yarn!!" Now I understand. Now I'm hungry for apple cake. thank you very much.

Wow, that was one MEGA post. I think you started writing it on Monday and finished it on Thursday. And that included the cooking parts. There was so much in there I don't know what to comment on first...
ok, your bro will be ok, and he'll be back soon enough. And maybe he'll bring back some fine Italian merino wool for you. :0
Great recipe. Anything with apples (and cinnamon) is awesome.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought you were showing us really weird yarn! That cake looks yummy!

1. Tuesdays suck... Friday will be here soon.
2. Bro will be fine. Really
3. MMMM CAKE!!! Will be baking on Friday.
4. Would love to make the spicy crab for dinner too



Dude, I updated. Where's yours? :D

It was great to meet you tonight, I'm hoping I can work out a trade with Dad to watch the monkeys on knit group nights, Mom & I really had a blast (even if she had no knitting).

A little birdie told me you started a fun new project ... care to share with the rest of the knitting world? :-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!!

~ me

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