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March 21, 2007


That is so cool!

I let you out of the car with that yarn? What was I thinking? o.0

I'm so glad you're still feeling the love. You've come a long way, ya know.

I was about to write a comment about how nice the striped yarn looks in entrelac and how nice your entrelac looks but then I spotted my button in your sidebar. And it is jazzed up. Did you spice it up? Can I steal my own button from you? *grin*

Show off...


I just can't get that..maybe I need to see someone do it in person..everyone was doing that entrelac dish cloth a few months back..I couldn't get that either.

Wow! I love that top sample. I get the basic concept of it but it seems hard?

Woohoo you have joined the Entrelac-ers! I am making my second Entrelac project...using Lang and I am LOVING it too....feel the love

P.S. saw her scarf today and its waaaayy nice

Entrelac is something I have not yet tried. I've been seeing it more and more and liking it more and more...and of course, your scarf is the thing that pushed me over the edge.

I love entrelac knitting. I made a car seat blanket for my daughter in the creamsicle colorway of lion brand homespun. Its fantastic!

I can't believe how similar the trendsetter yarn is to the lang; I was getting ready to accuse you of stealing my yarn! lol j/k I can't wait to see your scarf in person. How's life friend? Miss you and hope to knit with you soon. I am super jealous you and miss vikkie were knitting without me ... I have such a meanyhead for a boss. LOL :-)

Great job! You are really fast..you were just talking about the tutorial when i saw you two days ago....

Monkety socks?:-P~~ lol j/k-ing you were missed as always...

btw I finished Round 2 of Socks madness! wahoo! will bring them in to show-off...umm I mean share...on saturday hehehe!

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