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February 12, 2007


Sounds like you are expending so much energy being hyper during the day, doing what you have to do, that you just need quiet, still time in the evening. Makes sense to me.

What a great yarn haul! Enjoy every moment of it.

HEROS! (I made it home just in time to catch it last night.)
That Celestial yarn is very pretty. You can almost feel the softness through the screen. Or, I have a soft monitor.

Wow! That's some stash enhancement!


Hey! Did you see the CSI that aired the week you were out of town yet? Where Gil was writing Sara a letter? What is going on with them?! o.0

I love the opal sock yarn in the last picture! I have a huge favor, can you bring it on Thursday? Thanks mucho! I am going to try to get there early if possible, we'll see. I hope you are having a good week. Sorry I haven't emailed you; I have been home sick. I still haven't had the nerve to try dayquil. :-) Talk to you soon.

I was oohhhing and aaaahing at your vacation yarn..great stuff!

I know, you are wishing that you were in Ann Land right now instead of in a few weeks. What's not to love about a foot of snow and blizzard conditions?


wow! what sweet yarn. there is a lot of knitting fun in your future!

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