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February 13, 2007


You're so cute.

Ever think of buying a hot tub?

Just a thought.

I LOVE that pattern! Nice choice. I'm loving my Dave yarn. Hopefully I can get a picture up in time for the update.

Cookie -Then she would have Otter Soup!

Ok. First thing I thought of at the brown foam...made me think of when I was a kid, my cousin told me that his younger brother tried to see what farts looked like once...I asked what the answer was, and he said brown bubbles. Thank you for resurrecting that memory, and ruining me for hot tubs :(

I am feeling ick myself about people soup. I had to go back and look a the photo of the pink socks to block that image from my mind.

I don't blame you..ONE BIT!


um...brown foam?? that just makes me wanna hurl. really. grody.

Ugg! Lovely image to have at 6 a.m. No people soup for me!

Jacuzzis will never be the same. Thanks a lot. ;-)

TOTALLY got the NCC-1701 reference! I'm a trekker too.

Heh. I got the NCC-1701 reference (I don't watch Heroes, though) but not because I'm a huge Star Trek fan. My husband is. And for Christmas I got him the Animated Star Trek series and for Valentines Day he got the complete three-season set of the Original Series. *smile*

The socks are lovely! And people soup is the very reason I avoid the whirlpool at the YMCA where I swim. It's just NASTY... LOL!

I've GOT to watch TV with you. I missed the license plate completely. Maybe someone was was talking at the time, as usual... HERO is a great show.
Soylent Green? I've never met anyone else who's seen the movie, other than myself. Mmmm, green crunchy biscuits. (You'd probably like FARENHEIT 451. Not sure on that spelling.)
Those socks are adorable, but isn't that lace weight yarn???

eeek, people soup, I will never forget that now.

Ok...brown foam is not normal...eww thats all I will say on that subject lol..

yes you outed yourself lol...but knowing you outed yourself means that I am also outing myself...I watched that episode of Heros but didn't see the license plate thing...lol...I did get all the trek reference though, I thought it was great!

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