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February 06, 2007


Looks just like home. *g* Vegas sounds like fun. So what did you get at the yarn stores?!

I don't really get Vega$- it seems like an amusement park disguised as a city. Like Disney, with drinks and gambling. Eh,what do I know, I don't get out much.
That picture of Kitty with Party Hat is PRICELESS! Still laughing, and I'm not even ON anything.

hehe sounds like you had fun. and getting yarn is much more fulfilling then losing lots of money.

I agree that getting souvenir yarn beats gambling ANY day! Hope you feel better soon.

I want some Zoom Zoom Wheee!

Did you go to Quark's Bar and Grill? They had some of the BEST buffalo tenders I've EVER had. And in about 4 years, the only place that ever got Andy drunk. We went into the Elvis store after, which has black and white tiles, and the poor boy had some problems. Did you ride the monorail? I loved riding that thing at night! And last but not least...your kitty is adorable.

More hyper?


Is that even possible?

All bouncing and shit?


I think I need to hear the story. Where's Rachel and Victoria? I wanna know! *L*

I took two yesterday and it didn't make me zoom zoom....I want some of yours!

First off: so glad you are back from going here and there...your Reno knitting friends miss your happiness. :-)
Secondly: I got to knitting night late but I don't think you said anything inappropriate but you and C sure were have a good time...you guys just made me laugh because you both were laughing so hard...wished I could have sat closer :-D
Third: TKK is one patient kitty, if I tried to put a hat on either of mine they would throw a fit...she is so cute!

Oh hey...some more comments...lol
Cookie here I am! lmao ...Hi there how are you?

Ms. Otter...I agree with you about living in NV...can't have a good quality life living in this state if you are a gambler...and Vegas is way over rated in my book...its fun for a few days but it gets on my nerves...it is just TOO MUCH...I also agree with Dave...its like an Amusement park disguised as a City lol...

Yarn: I want to see the yarn you got...pahhhaaalease? lol What is it with us yarn addicts that we get a thrill over seeing yarn others get? We can't knit with it? We can only oh and ah over it...lol...still I love to see what other people get...shrugs I am weird I guess...

Oh one more thing...lol...how do you like that Tofutsie yarn? I am almost finished with my first sock of a pair from one of the colorways...LOVE IT...

Hope to see you this weekend....hugs and smiles

I’m glad you had a great time on your trip, though sorry to hear that you were not feeling well. Poo. My kitties do that sometimes too (cry and carry on) – but sometimes they also just stretch out in front of me so that I either have to step around them or trip on them. Too cute.

Yarg, what is it with "You live in Nevada? I bet you gamble a LOT!" No, no I don't. I never gamble.

I can do math, I know who's really winning LOL

What a patient kitty. :) Maybe some day I'll go the Star Trek Experience. Glad you had fun! :D

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