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January 05, 2007


What part of the word "NO!" do they not get? I don't get it.
At least you're gonna get "fit", right?
Maybe you need an iPod or something. Even if you don't turn it on, just have the ear plugs in your ears so you can pretend to ignore them. That's what I do so the homeless panhandlers leave me alone. It works. Really.
Or carry your knitting needles and threaten to poke out their eyes.

You needed to quit that other gym shortly after you joined what? three years ago? But you had to move first. Then they had to build you a different gym to join.

I love how they assume you're not smart enough to know how to eat properly or figure out what your goals are. I would have caused a scene and stormed out... we know about me. o.0

Ya know, a hooker would have been cheaper. Yeah, still going to hell. Btw, I wanna know about the google hits from this one. :p

Oh, and Go You! Joining a real gym and shit. Woo!

Ugh, the sales pressure at those places suck! Ya know, if you joined the same gym I have a membership to, I can show you how to use the equipment, if you just wanna e-mail me. I won't even charge you that much. ;)

It is amazing how much difficulty people have understanding such a small word! *Hugs*

Wow, that stinks. They should show you the equipment for free. I know the Y membership isn't cheap but there are no "hidden" fees, at least.

HUm. Yeah that sucks. But I do love my personal trainer because he makes me just DO IT. Otherwise I would never lift weights.

Sorry for the frustration chica!

Waving..hello there fellow gym goer toer...I know those are probably not words, go with it. Luckily my diet club membership comes with free personal training every other week. I used that about three times to have her show me now to use some of the equipment. I would like to go over on the boys side of the gym and hang out now...maybe I can play blonde and dumb and helpless with some of those muscley boys.

I am currently in a firm and tone class there. I like to call it the bitch and whine class because that is what I do during and after...and the next day. It's kicking my butt more than the machines ever did.

Belly dancing starts back next week, much more fun than the gym..but too darn far away.

Have I rambled enough yet?

Is it too late to get your money back because I'm thinking you should have gone with...
"If you don't show me how to use the equipment and I hurt myself, my lawyer will make sure I own this place when s/he is through with you." ;)

I know how that goes one of my phobias about gyms is old people talking smack - one reason i dont like hair salons and go to my husbands barber instead.

and the other is they try and get you to spend as much money as possible.

OK - that just sucks. For $65 a pop i actually have a licensed and accredited personal trainer COMING TO MY HOUSE! for an HOUR. When i was getting a trainer IN the gym, that was $40 for an hour. $65 is INSANE in the gym! Best of luck though sweetie! I'm about to start back with my trainer after 2 months off due to knee surgery... lets see how much i can hurt. :) Good LUck!

Wow, not to sound trite, but this sounds like a Friends episode. Events like this are why I'm a firm believer in Muscle and Fitness magazine, self-education, and do it yourself exercise. Which is probably why I'm fat right now. Hope things work out okay for you.

Your hat in the previous post is terrific! Oh and your model - looks like he needs to go to the gym. Am I wrong or did he gain a few pounds over the holidays? (I don't know why but that cracks me up)

I prefer real gyms to the women only places myself, but yeah they really stick it to ya for the personal trainers. MFB and I were going to join a gym 3 months ago. We had the tour and went to think about it as there was no pool. Lots of co workers of both of ours go there. Rather went there - three days after we had our tour - the Sheriff locked the ownership out. Taught us something about buyer beware, but others learned more as we never paid a dime.

Ok, I would have been PISSED! $65 bucks a pop for 6 sessions... did I read this wrong?? On TOP of your gym fee? Maybe my fever is still blurring my eyes and my skimming through blogs has screwed me up?

I would be royally pissed! When you join a new gym THEY are supposed to SHOW you how to use said equipment 1-2 times. NORMALLY you can use a personal trainer to set up your plan and you get one sessions with said trainer when you join a gym. Those people suck.

Sorry you had to go through all that! Good thing you knit so you can get you over your stressful GYM experience that's supposed to help you stay healthy! *sighs and hugs*

Hi there. I am a New York Times reporter, looking for sources for a story I'm writing about gyms and charities: many gyms sponsor runs for charity, fundraisers, clothing drives etc. Have you had any experience with this? And if so, do you think the gym is an appropriate place for this? Thanks so much for your thoughts on this, and I look forward to hearing from you. Best, Nora

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