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January 19, 2007


I fetchings (I think that's officially a new word, by the way) look great! I'm glad you are being spoiled with handknit goodies, Otter. Very cool. The scowling tree is a bit skeery, I must confess. :-p

What nice spoilage! I love the colorway you and Scout put together for Cookie. I may have to go buy me some!

Yo u are a very widely traveled otter. And your tootsies look great covered in some hand-knit socks.

You've become such a knitting goddess. And the fetchings and socks are so cool. Isn't it nice to have osmeone knit for you?

What nice friends you have, knitting you such lovely things! You are very lucky indeed.

I just noticed you made a button for me in the sidebar. Very nice. I like it much!

I've never had a tree scowl at me, but it sounds like your Noro is scowling at you. Bad Noro.

That Cookie is one nice friend. Nice spoilage. Have a great weekend.

I'm the one that's spoiled. *L*

You get to see Ann?! You have to hug her till she squeeks for me!

Oh, I forgot. The Ohio flavored candy? Does it taste like either sunflowers or potatoes?
Oh, wait. Maybe candy corn?

Ohio flavored candy..of course that tastes like Buckeyes to you silly non-cornfield people. Of course after the embarassing national championship game most people are barely whispering buckeyes these days.

KO..2007 is going to be the year we finally meet..and make Cookie and all extremely jealous...except for Squid, she's already met me.

You get to meet Ann??? Ann gets to meet you???? Two very lucky people, I think!

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