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January 12, 2007


I printed the pattern for the socks out...fooling myself that I might actually make them. I have some pink Dave yarn that would be great.

Sure..just what I need..one more WIP!

Ohhhhh purty purty!

Cute Kitty! So, was he messing with your mind or was your kitty doing it for him?

Ha ha ha More things on cats. (There's a website, you know.)
The bottom photo is SOpretty with that knit sticth. PRETTY.

I love that cat and I really like how that sock is knitting up. I guess I'll add that pattern to my list. *L*

I can't believe the kitty let you do that. The sock is looking great.

Hey Mis D! Wow I can't believe we have been going to knit groups for month and today I finally figured out that you are the Knitty Otter! Cool! Had fun today knitting and chating...the kitty is way cute! :-)

The kitty is so cute I can hardly stand it. You should send the one with the sock on her head to stuffonmycat.com!!!

The sock is lovely! I love the pattern. Aren’t kitties the greatest. :-)

Omgosh... your cat is SO sweet and looks like she could BITE ya! lol What a cutie! LOVE that picture - well, actually ALL of them. I need to snap a few of Kitty (sans his head in Galen's mouth) and post them. The eyelid lick thing is ABSOLUTELY an eye opener! Yikes!! Kitty licks me now and then and it certainly gets MY attention. He also either sleeps on my feet, or if I've commited some unknown crime against kittyhood, he'll every so now and then Swipe at my feet when I'm sleeping! Little sh*te! *grins*

Love that pattern and color on your socks, too!

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