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January 24, 2007


I love Dirty Martinis, too, although I do put a teeny bit of Vermouth in along with the olive juice. The best ones I've ever had in a restaurant are from the Cheesecake Factory. It's called the "well mannered dirty martini" and they use a blue cheese stuffed green olive. They are wonderful. But they only give you one olive, even if you ask really nicely for extra olives. And I always order my martinis with extra olives!

Oh they look GREAT! Can I steal that picture for my website? Please?

Have a great trip! Which bag did you pick?

Wow, i watched the trailer and was ummm....amused. But I guess if the US can have Cujo the killer dog, New Zealand can have mutating killer sheep.

I hope ya'll are having a great time! Bring me back an otter!



Yeah, bring Cookie back an Otter, please. She deserves it, if, for no other reason.
Wow, so much to comment on. I pick washing socks. I wear my socks every day to work, and then I switch to my "house socks" when I get home. When I go to the laundromat on Sunday mornings, I wake all my wooly woolens and wash them in COLD water, gentle cycle, with a teaspoon of lavender Eucalan. They all come out so nice. Don't machine dry, though, because they'll turn into little slippers for neices and nephews. Just air dry them at home. Just remember: COLD water, and a wool friendly detergent. DO NOT USE TIDE!!! DO NOT!!!!

I've been putting my socks in a lingerie bag for fine washables and then toss in the wash.

OHHH When good sheep go bad!! Is it a black comedy horror or just a straight up horror movie.

Again, have fun!

I wash my socks every time I wear them. My machine doesn't have a gentle setting so it's tepid water, wool wash or baby shampoo if I don't have the ww and by hand. Have a great time!

Otter land.... I love Otter land! I wish I was there right now! One of my favorite places ever. I hope you're having a wonderfully relaxing time. Can't wait for the pics! And when you get back, I would like to add to your recent stash of good mail, so drop me a line w/ your address, would ya?
Happy trails!

Even though I hope you are having a really nice time wanted you to know that your knitting friends are missing you. :-)

I love that video - it was too funny. To make sheep violent takes guts.
And the sock blockers are way kool too.
I am getting ready to make my first pair of socks and I already want blockers!
I am not sure which I want more, the socks or the blockers. I saw those on Scouts Swag and talked myself out of them because well, I have knit the first sock yet.

I think i average wearing my socklettes twice and then i wash them...by then they usually need to be washed back into shape or they are slipping off of my heels...very annoying!

Plus, i only have three pair of wearable hand knit socks so far...i'm working on fixing that!


Dirty martinis are my favorite. It's a drink and a snack!

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