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January 09, 2007


Well, it's about time for you to start something new. Really. And those old WIP/UFOs? Leave 'em be for now. they make nice displays in a bowl on the table.

That Dave and Cookie. Meanies both of 'em, eh? LOL I think I have UFOitis myself. You'll get it done. The Otter original design looks great!!! What is it with all of us and Noro? We love the colors, but the crap we find in their yarns and knots and breaks and ..well you don't need me to go on. I even found a knot in Trekking the other day. Imagine, sock yarn with a knot.

I can't wait to see what I get blamed with. All I did was e-mail you some gossip and a fairly large hint. *L*

Anyone would love that scarf. Hurry up and finish it or I'll rat you out to The Norma. o.0

How big is that hat? Cause we know more than one person with a huge head that wears hats. ;^)

Oh, and remind me to tell you what's funny about your upcoming project with the yummy yarns.

Sounds like you got your whack back!

You’ve been busy! I like the ducky hat – though, I know what you mean about knitting with dark colors. Sometimes it feels like you have been swallowed up by the black hole. I know you’re sick of the Noro scarf (scarves sometimes wear on me, too – no pun intended), but it looks great!

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