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January 23, 2007


Have a wonderful vacation!

Now I know where all the "Dave" yarn is! You are going to have some beautiful things...

The seals and beach pictures are beautiful. The yarn is also very beautiful, and now we know where it all is... Do you have stock in Dave's store??? Hell, maybe I should. LOL!

Holy crap! Look at alla that Cabin Cove!!!

Love the stash....have yet to get some of my own Cabin Cove but will do so soon!
Have a great time at Monterrey...I used to go recreation diving there...remind me the next time we hang out to play yarn to tell you about a funny/sweet encounter i had there while diving there with an otter...you will LOVE it..:-) have fun on your vacation!

That's what I call a stash! :D

I hope you have a lovely time with your people, sweetie. Remember the sunblock. *hugs*

Ooh! Have a wonderful time visiting your peeps! If you see any of mine ... say high.

Have a great time. Take lots of pics, too! We'll be waiting for you. And give the honey a big hug for getting all the LYS listed. (Does he have a brother, by any chance?)
Oh, and I saw a couple of skeins I think I want back.

I find the things which totally entrance me I don't manage to capture on film. I'm too busy soaking them up. Sounds like you're the same.

Nice Stash Otter - did that sound pervy? LOL

Have a wonderful time and remember "If you haven't, you Otter!"

I love all that Dave yarn. I just sat at my computer and stared at it for a couple of minutes. A lot of loveliness to look forward too.

I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Yipes! Now i know why there's never anything left for me to buy at Dave's shop!!! Wahhhhhh!!!


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