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January 22, 2007


I love that zombie. *L*

Great scarf! Thanks for pimping us, sweetie.

The scarves came out nice! I am sure the recievers of those two boxes will love them. So the noro softened up? hmm i don't know...it just feels so rough...i do not like working with rough yarn....what did you wash it in?

i love that scarf!

You make such nice packages!

Yeah, what Cookie said: you pimp good.
And George looks especially dashing in the new scarf. (And you only need to let Norma see George to know NOT to mess with you.)

George is so working that scarf - I love the colors with his skin tone.

Wonderful packages you put together Otter. Shut up and Knit - Love the title. So what's the news, huh, huh???? Sure leave us in suspense. LOL

You finished the scarf ... woohoo!! Missed you at knitting; hope to see you soon.

You write very well.

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