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January 30, 2007


happy anniversary! have a great time and be well!

Yea for Otters! And Yea for 9 years! I'm feeling the "need to get away with my honey (and not the kids)" mojo right now but he isn't quite there yet. Have fun in Vega$!

You have the best Honey in all the world - no wonder you've been together for 9 years! Have a great trip - play a hand or two of blackjack for me!

Wow, happy anniversary. You're still a jet-setting couple after all these years. That's great.
Poor TKK, she must really be missing you guys. Make sure to bring her a nice treat from Vegas.

9 years - Congratulations! Happy anniversary.

Cute otter!

Yay for Vegas! Have a drink or two for me :) And congratulations on the new milestone!

Congrats, honey! Just think how far ya'll have come in those nine years. o.0

Have a good time in Vegas and don't to come home!

wow... you sure have a good honey! can't wait to hear about the latest travels!


Nine years?!?!? That's awesome. I am so jealous, I haven't been to Monteray in forever and ever. See you at the next knit-up.

~ Me

Have a great trip and I hope to hell your swag is found GD!

have fun in vegas!
happy anniversary!

Oh the happiest of anniversaries! Hope you win enough money to open your very own yarn store! *G*

Wahoo! Congratulations on 9 years! Your pictures are amazing from your trip. Hope Vegas was a blast...and dirty martinis were plentiful.

Just thought you should know I am officially going through withdrawal symptoms and it's not from lack of Dayquil. Seriously missing your blog, but I guess you do have a life outside of the blog realm. :-) Hope you are having a spectacular day!

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