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December 31, 2006


I'm glad you're going to drink more and be kinder to stupid people. I like those resolutions!

I posted a little bit ago about what I am going to do in 2007.

Thank you very much. Now I've got Right Now by Van Halen running thru my head.

Ya know, this must be the year for drinkin' cause even I'm thinking about doing more of it and you know about me and the booze. o.0

I hope it's a wonderful, peaceful and healthy year for you, honey. You have more than earned it. ♥

Happy New Year!

Ignoring stupid people is the way to go! What they think doesn't matter -- they are stupid.

I'll join you on that makeup resolution and resolve to wear it more often when I am not at work.


Wow, you so totally do not strike me as a rocker chick. I thought the whole Keith Carradine was just an error in judgement. Or massive drug abuse. Of course, who I am to talk? I'm one of those people who actually ordered the Time Life 70's CDs. Ok, call me lame.
I hope you're both having a nice, quiet New Year's.

I have some knitting resolutions but the personal stuff? It just sets me up for failure, LOL.
Happy New Year!

Wishing you a wonderful 2007!

Ann???? YOU MEAN ME? You know I would love it. Don't even think about that children of the corn movie, I am way too old to be considered a child, even if I do act like one some of the time, ok a lot of the time.

I promise to help you out with that drinking resolution too.


My resolution is to do something fun each month of the year. So far, I have plans for Jan thru May: Women's Weekend, John Prine, basic sock class, fiber festival, and a writers conference. Bound to be a successful resolution!

by finally getting around to sending you two hats i made for Dulaan

excellent resolutions! here, here for the drinking more and all that have to do with stupid people.

it's a little late, i know. but wishing you the best in 2007.

p.s. got some most fabulous martini glasses for the holidays! cosmos anyone?

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