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December 21, 2006


We've all been out of whack a time or two. Deep breaths, lots (I mean size of Texas lots) of chocolate, and a new month should take care of it.

And incase you try the jump in cold method - my blog has moved. Wouldn't want to leave you behind. ;)

Warning: Whack(tm) may cause a few agreeable side effects - wonderful laughter, persistent knitting, spontaneous singing, physical comedy, and dancing in the sunshine. Should any of these side effects occur, please visit the blog doctor.

This time of year added with the stress of travel and illness can sprain anyone's whack. You'll get it back soon. *smile*

BTW you've been Tagged, please see my blog post.

Put down your drink and step away from the punchbowl!


I thought being 'whack' was bad. Must consult with 20-something boy on this one.

Don't eat the donut. They always upset your tummy. Trust me. Oh, and when was the last time you had your eyebrows waxed?

♥ (\_/)

How sad is it that it took me all day to finally get the bunny to line up. *L*



Holy shit..it's an epidemic??? I am also feeling totally out of Whack...I wonder if I picked it up on a blog somewhere..I thought I had some sort of block or firewall or geeky thing to keep that from happening. Hmmmmmm....

O.k., the title of the photo gave it away -- that and you mentioned where you were going before you left. Did you find her? Both of you have been out of touch for a while.

Welcome back and I hope you find some Whack!


I couldn't be any more Whack right now. Life changes AND the Holidays all at the same time? And, now we have to make little bunnies?

(Psst, Cookie, just use cut 'n' paste. Much easier.)


Just cuz I wanted too!

BTW, whack isn't all what is cracked up to be! :) So, if you are out of it, just go with the flow.

Quick! Go hug your stash. It has tons of Whack(tm) in it. Breathe deeply.

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