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December 02, 2006


You did good! What are you going to make now?

That's TOO funny, I watched Dark Sky on cable. (A young Mr. Close, mmmmm)
That's a mighty fine collection of knitting you've got there. And knitting is a great way to relieve the stress before travel.

The hats are awesome! Great job!

Great hats!

Well done, you!

Did you let the Knit Unto Others girlies know?

Great job - I can't wait to see what you are going to start on for yourself.

Wow! Look at all those hats! And not one of them has my head in them! Now WHAT is up with that?? *ducks and grins*

You're being SO productive, I need to join you! I was supposed to have one of my neices care packages ready to mail off tomorrow and somehow, here it is past midnight and I'm not done with any of it. My day job seemed to get in the way all day today ... but I am catching up on long overdue blogging while I'm laying in bed thinking that I should really sleep sometime soon.

I need to book another trip for myself.. I think I need to see some snow country. I hope your trip is kickass fun!

Dang girl, you've been a Knitting Queen! Fantastic hats/scarf. The pink and brown is loverly! Did you decide to pull a *Norma*?

The hats and scarf are great. I do especially like that red/white striped one.

Have you ever thought about starting a local chapter of Knit Unto Otters? Maybe they get cold. It COULD happen you know.
Color me curious... (And a little bored.)
I hope you're having fun out there.

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