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November 08, 2006


Oooh, I love the purple and green too! I find myself wearing purple and green together all of the time, and Tadpole's room is painted purple with green everything else! Happy hat making... hey, how about a double knit Dulan hat?

Sorry about your panic. I know how it feels. When I get really behind in school, I always want to clean just to have a sense of order.

Honestly though - you might feel better if you throw unnecessary things away, especially if they carry bad memories.

Definitely have a drink!

I can totally relate to the angst and anxiety you've been experiencing. I am having that, too. And not just because I was let go. I've been trying to get a grip on the materilistic crap and clutter around me. Maybe some of the things you can't let go of, tke photos of them and then see if you might be able to get rid of it. And all my old journals were scanned and saved to discs. (Mostly because the pages were getting tattered.)
But, yeah, the asswipe is outta office. I saw it on the new as it happened. I was SO happy to see that. It's just the beginning...

I told her the person's name in the e-mail, btw. :p

You're getting there, honey. Just takes time. Remember when I was telling you about how everything needs a place to live in the house? Yeah, still true.

I wonder if what's her ass would want that yarn. :?

Oh, and I totally wanna do a double knit hat. :D

/wanders off into the night

I asked my housecleaner if she could come and help me next week just get rid of all of the shit around this house because the clutter is making me NUTS. So yeah... I hear you.

And I got goosebumps when I hear the news too.

I have about a decade's worth of my journals. I was prolific. I've kept them all -- tucked away. I know I'll never read them again because, like you, there are some really bad memories in there. But it's all part of me. I figure when I'm ready to toss them, I will. Until then, they're in a box upstairs.

OMG I soooooooo know what you are talking about with the clutter, and not being able to breath, and the kaleidescope. I thought I was the only one, how nice to know there are others out there LOL.

I know those kinds of days and I know about the clutter. When we cleaned out this summer it was like a breath of fresh air came in for every bag of c$%p that went out.


Vacation? Wanna go to the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat in Tacoma in January? http://www.madronafiberarts.com/ It sounds like fun and the classes are open for registration now.

Oh, otter, I know exactly how you feel. There are things I need to deal with, clutter, stuff that needs to be put away, closets that need to be cleaned out. I choose to knit/eat/go to the movies instead of deal with it. Then I come home one day, find that my entire closet is strewn across my house one outfit at a time, my suitcase from a trip a month ago is still sitting open on the floor, I can't find my kitchen counters under the junk mail. Istead of attacking it head on and getting it all taken care of again, I become paralyzed by stuff. It's just stuff, but still, I can't figure out what to do with it all, and I can't just leave it because I'm so overwhelmed. My SO usually hates when I get like that though, because in my mad frenzy to just declutter the house (in an effort to declutter my brain) I start throwing stuff away willy nilly. And crap that has burried a mile deep for 6 months that I throw away, she suddenly needs very badly, remembers we had it here somewhere, and now can't live without it. :) So I have to be very careful about getting too carried away with the clean-up efforts.

i will take the homespun. it makes great blankets and scarfs.

and i understand all about angsty teen. things are just always bad and you hate the world. but then you grow out of it for awhile:)

Oh Ms. Otter... you have just described the last 6 months of my life. I finally decided that I couldn't be a slave to my clutter anymore and so I slowly started dealing with the boxes that I've been carrying around for 20 years.

I've kept a journal since I was 8, and I'm 37 now so I had a lot of journals to dig through and a lot of bad memories to re-live, but it was somehow cathartic to see how far I've come. And in the process, I got a lot of clutter cleared, and I swear, I really can think more clearly and function better now .

Two great books to assist in clutter clearing: Clear you Clutter with Feng Shui, and Move your STuff, Change your Life - I will have to look up the authors when I get home, but wow did I learn a lot reading this books.

Anyway, hang in there - you're not alone!

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