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November 04, 2006


Otter! WOW! Look at all that FIBER! Good for you! And that niddy noddy is GORGEOUS! Have fun!

Just think what you would have gotten if I had gone up there.


I bet she would have loved you if you had brought beer and chocolate. ;^)

I'm so glad you had a good time, sweetie. You're a dork, but you're a cute dork. ♥

OMG how much do you suck? Er...I mean...How nice for you! Look at all the scrumptious fiber. And you have camel, too? You lucky woman, you! I am jealous/envious/etc, if you couldn't tell. We gotta do a meet up sometime at something like that.
Ok, happy dance for ya. Just don't trip, ok? Bwahahahahahahaha!

I swooned at all the fiber. Just as I recovered I swooned again at the thought of your sock possibly becoming famous on HER blog. /falls over

Oh, I'm jealous that you got to run up there. I didn't know about it either until Harlot posted about it, and I'm not following the spinning circles or news. But I had to work that afternoon, and I would only have gone up there to get my book signed by Steph anyway. I'm so glad you got to make it up there!

Oh Otter, what a wonderful bunch of fiber and I love your spindles! I'm sorry that you were so uncomfortable but glad that in the end all was good. And I certainly understand about worrying about drives home. Isn't Steph just the nicest person? And Susan too...but then Susans just must be nice *G*

Oh Knitty, that would have been fun if I also had known about it. I once took a spinning class from Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers. Just don't have time right now to practise and learn. I've enough with my knitting!
Any snow up there? I see that Rose and Slide have a great dust.

Hey..Cookie sent me..like I don't come over here and read your blog every day too?

That's THREE people now that I know who have met the Harlot..Squid, Red Dirt Knitter Susan and now KO...way to goooooo! What a haul of great stuff to bring home too!

WOW sounds like you had a very good time. I love all the stash you got. OH that Camel looks lovely. Is it as soft as Llama?

Keep an eye on that Dave. You know he wants to get you alone, so he can steal your fibers.


You've got some gorgeous goods there! I would also like to know if camel is as soft as alpaca. :)

Found you via the Harlot's site.
So good to know another knitblogger in Reno.

I was too chicken to go to the lake in Friday's weather. Wish we had been together, as I so know that duck out of water feeling. Yesterday I hit the market, but with two kids in tow. They kept my spending in check.
I didn't see the camel, but did find buffalo yarn. Who'd have thunk.

It was absolutley wonderful to meet you, and I'm glad you mentioned you were "knittyotter". I don't always twig on real names. (How weird is that?)
The chocolates? A lifesaver. I ate a bunch of them on the plane yesterday, I can't thank you enough, not just for the chocolates, but for making me feel less lonely and awkward when I was there!

How can an otter be a duck? *smile* I have this feeling you probably fit in anywhere as I know if I want to have fun, I just need to come over here and catch up with you.

Last week I saw you had a shout out from Stephanie on her blog. I wonder if she has seen the picture you took - I think it's the best I've seen of her.

Have fun with all the yummy things you picked up.

You didn't happen to get the name of the person you got the niddy noddy from? I've been coveting it for quite some time. (I'd seen on someone else's blog since last year.) I WANT ONE!

Wow, what an amazing time you had!!

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